Nantucket HDC Tips

Not that I am any sort of expert on HDC. But I have a family member that has been on the board for over 7 years, and another one who works in the office. Here are some basic tips to start you off on the right foot

- Hire an on-island designer or architect. Because they know the flow of things and how HDC works. Listen to the professional you hire the advise they give you will save you money in the end. The good ones don’t have time to waste.

- Take photos of houses that resemble your design in the nearby area. If there are none look in the NHA archives to see what the homes looked like in that area in the past. It could help.

- Get the book and read it. If you are unfarmiliar with Nantucket and the HDC. I would suggest that you go to Mitchells Book Corner or Bookworks and ask for the “HDC” book they will know what you want.

- Follow the rules and submit everything that is requested on time. If you have questions call and ask never assume.

-Everyone on the HDC board is there to preserve the look and feel of Nantucket. They are not your enemies. The positions that they hold are UNPAID

Here are some links from the Town of Nantucket’s website

Nantucket HDC by Nick Sherman.

Application documents
Application resources
Historical research resources
Preservation resources
Preservation is Green

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